1978 - 2007

The Anastasis

This is where our story began. The flagship of our fleet for almost three decades, the Italian cruiser built in 1953, was originally named Victoria. In 1978, it was inherited as the first Mercy Ship, and the 159-meter ship was converted into a mobile hospital, which housed three state-of-the-art operating rooms, a 40-bed hospital ward, a dental clinic, a laboratory, an X-ray unit, and three cargo holds and accommodation for 420 crew members..

Renamed Anastasis, which means “Resurrection” in Greek, the ship sailed the high seas for 29 years, during which an estimated 25,000 volunteer crew members served on board. And he contributed more than half of the total output of Naves de Esperanza in terms of number of services, value and beneficiaries. An average of 350 crew members from more than 30 nations were living and working on board. Never losing its Italian love heritage, more than 250 couples met on its deck, and several weddings were celebrated on board, including one at sea.


Años en Servicio
1978 - 2007
Registrado en
Motor Principal
(2) Fiat 7510, 8050 CV/motor
7,2 m
Capacidad de Combustible
1.490 m³
Velocidad de Crucero
14 nudos
259 m
20,7 m
Tonelaje Bruto
11.701 TRB
Construido en
Trieste, Italia, 1953
Cámaras de Operaciones
Motor Auxiliar
(2) Wartsila 4R22/26, 540 kw/motor, (2) Daihatsu DL20, 600 kw/motor
Agua Dulce
1.050 m³
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