2007 - Present

Africa Mercy

Acquired in 1999 by Naves de Esperanza, this ship was transformed from a railway ferry into a hospital ship, and exceeds the capacity of the 3 previous ships combined. Until recently, it was the largest civilian hospital ship in the world, with five operating theatres and an 82-bed hospital ward.

Facilities and Features

The hospital includes five operating theatres, recovery, intensive care and low dependency wards, with a total of 80 patient beds.

Surgical capacity on board: ~7,000 operations per year.

Featured instruments: CT scan, X-ray, laboratory services, a Nikon Coolscope for remote diagnosis.

Data transmission: The on-board satellite communication system transmits diagnostics and other data.

In addition to surgeries performed on board, teams on board serve local villages by providing a wide range of services to improve health and well-being, including

  • Dental Clinics
  • Medical Clinics
  • Community health education
  • Training in construction and agriculture

El Africa Mercy dispone de espacios de reunión y trabajo, así como de literas para una tripulación media de 450 personas. Incluye 26 camarotes familiares, 25 camarotes para parejas y 2 literas, y el resto consta de camarotes de 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, y 10 camas.

  • Automatic sprinkler system located in all accommodation and hospital areas
  • Smoke detector system pinpoints the exact location of any fires
  • CO₂ gas flooding system and “Hi Fog” system control localised machine fires
  • 24-hour security guards, metal detector and detection devices
  • CCTV monitors. Critical spaces closed 24 hours a day


Años en Servicio
2007 - Presente
Registrado en
Motor Principal
4 B&W (3120 kW cada uno)
6 m
152 m
23,7 m
Tonelaje Bruto
16.572 TRB
Construido en
Elsinore, Dinamarca, en 1980
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