In order to carry out our work in Africa, we use Four-wheel drive vehicles (all-terrain vehicles). In every nation we evaluate patients. Our medical teams, all volunteers, examine patients day and night to see if treatment is possible on the ship and are scheduled for an operation. Our next destination, Senegal, is a large country. The distances are great and some patients simply can’t reach the ship to be examined and assessed.

Sometimes patients don’t have enough money for transport, or they’re afraid to appear in public due to the severity of their condition.

Thanks to our all-terrain vehicles, we can reach them and help them to make the difficult journey to Dakar, where the Africa Mercy will be docked. For many patients, these vehicles represent an essential element for their surgery to be a reality.

The nature of the landscape and the geography of sub-Saharan Africa makes it necessary for Mercy Ships to have a fleet of all-terrain vehicles to transport staff and patients. Most of the roads are unpaved and full of potholes. In this area of the world, 4WD are a need, not a luxury. Mercy Ships volunteers conduct a number of off-ship activities including dental and eye clinics, agriculture programs, construction support, and training projects. Four-wheel drive vehicles are essential to providing transport for the several teams to and from these sites.

Some of the vehicles in our fleet are more than 8 years old and the time has come to renew them. We need to do this before the Africa Mercy sets sail in April 2021 for Senegal, where it will remain until the end of this year. The approximate cost of each vehicle amounts to € 42,000. With your donation we can make it possible. We encourage you to collaborate specifically to meet this need. In so doing, indicates “vehicle renewal”.