Dear Collaborator,

Businesses and Companies decide to cooperate with us when they become acquainted of the work we do from Ships of Hope throughout our hospital ship Africa Mercy. These companies decide to help us broadcasting what we do and contributing with their help and collaboration, that sometimes is translated in goods and services or in an economic way.

This is the case of Global Ports Holding, the greatest cruise port operator of the world, with current presence in the Mediterranean, Asia-Pacific and the Caribbean.

They sponsor sports events as the Mitja Marató in Barcelona, that will take place next Sunday 10th February, for which they have chosen Mercy Ships to be the reference NGO.

Our work and everything that we do will be broadcasted through  different media streams thanks to Global Ports Holding. As an initiative to fund raise has been launched and Global Ports Holding has committed to match every donation received until February 10, under the theme, ‘Run to give Hope’.

As an example, if a donor gives 30 euros, they will give another 30 euros, as long as they use the platform for this event whose link is shown below:


We want to encourage you not to miss this incredible opportunity to make a difference, as the amount given by you will be matched by Global Ports Holding.

In practice, with this special contribution, you will be giving double, and with everyone’s contribution, we will be able to do double of surgeries and medical acts through the hospital ship Africa Mercy.

Remember, make your extraordinary donation until February 10 through: https://www.migranodearena.org/reto/19646/corre-para-dar-esperanza-x2

Thank you in advance for your collaboration and support, which is what allows us to continue carrying health and hope in the countries in which we serve. Receive a cordial greeting from the entire team of Mercy Ships.