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Omnicell is a medical technology company from California that approached Mercy Ships while the Africa Mercy was working in Madagascar to see if they could help by providing some of their equipment to be used in the on board hospital.

The company, among other things, are specialist in automated medication dispensing systems. It actually took a couple of years to look at what equipment could be put to good use on the Africa Mercy, and get that equipment delivered and installed. Now seven shiny new medication cabinets are in use in the five hospital wards, the in-patient treatment room, and the crew clinic. And anaesthesia cart has also been installed in each of the five operating theatres.

These cabinets keep a record of what medication is used, when it is used, and for what type of surgery or treatment. This allows for automated stock control, meaning vital medicines can be re-stocked long before they get too low. It also means a more accurate picture can be automatically obtained of what is being used where.

The system even includes fingerprint scanners to allow fast, easy, and secure access to those medications. Our offices around the world do a great job sourcing the very best equipment and services free of charge, or at substantial discounts, but it makes their job even easier, when companies like Omnicell approach us offering their help!