How to save a baby’s life

Want to know how we can save the lives of thousands of newborn babies each year in just one African nation? The neonatal resuscitation training, run each year by the Africa Mercy crew, helps the local medical staff be prepared and ready to save thousands of newborn babies who would otherwise be lost.

The great thing about this training course is that even after the ship leaves, the local medical staff can continue saving thousands more lives year after year. Back in 2014 “Laerdal Global Health,” an NGO working to save newborns around the world, provided Mercy Ships with two complete training kits.

The brilliantly designed Neo-Natalie kits include crucial learning tools such as breathing masks, stethoscopes and mock syringes. The life-like doll in each kit is an invaluable teaching aide. A pump can be attached to make Neo-Natalie “breathe” and to give her a “pulse” that can be checked through the umbilical cord or using a stethoscope. The chest visibly rises and enables students to practice giving chest compressions, which click when done the right pressure is applied.

The training course is run over two very intense days and a big part of that training is theoretical, so that the local nurses and midwives can quickly assess any difficulty a newborn might have. Then the training dolls allows them to practice how they would react in real life scenarios so that when they are faced with real situations that can react confidently and adequately.

Will you help us save a baby’s life today?