Reducing trauma

The quality of the initial diagnosis and treatment of trauma patients is vital for a good outcome. Unfortunately, the treatment received by many patients in developing nations is often below par, because the medical staff have not received sufficient up-to-date training.

The medical capacity building team on the Africa Mercy is working to change that, by running Primary Trauma Care courses for medical staff from the local hospitals, which develop and hone their abilities to effectively diagnose and treat trauma patients.

The hope is that in the future we will see less patients who need invasive surgery, because most of them will have received the correct treatment when they are first injured, and will have already made a complete recovery, eliminating the need for future surgeries.

People always say that, “prevention is better than cure”, but in many trauma cases, applying the correct cure is actually preventative medicine, because it avoids the need for a lengthy recovery period, or “invasive” surgery later, to restore the patient’s mobility.