Restoring sight to another generation

The future of Amina’s three children Jacques (9), Marie-Grace (6) and Elodie (3) was not looking very bright as all three suffered from cataracts that affected their sight. Their muma Amina had herself struggled with this disability until she was thirteen, when she received a free cataract surgery on the Mercy Ship Anastasis fifteen years earlier.

Amina, Elodie, Marie-Grace, Jacques

Jacques, Marie-Grace and Elodie were very cute and playful kids despite their disability. Apart from other kids laughing at them sometimes, they really had no idea how difficult life would become later on. However, Amina knew all too well, how hard it would be for them if they did not get help, having suffered from cataracts herself until she was 13.

Jacques, Marie-Grace, Elodie

Leonard and Amina were desperate to get help for their kids and prayed regularly that God would help them find a solution. They had no idea that a Mercy Ship was planning to return to Benin. When Leonard found out there was a screening day for free surgeries he was overjoyed, and took the three in hope a finding a cure. His hopes were dashed when there was such a long line they did not even get through the gate, because there were so many people looking for help.

The next screening day Leonard was so determined to get help for his three children that the four of them slept all night outside the gates so that they would be among the first ones in line. This time all three were in luck an after a thorough examination and medical check-up they give a date for all three of them to come and have a cataract surgery.

Marie-Grace, Elodie, Jacques

Now the three children have a bright future, and Amina and Leonard can really enjoying the way their children are discovering so many new things they were unaware of before. “Mom! Look at the bird! Look at the bird!!”, shouts three-year-old Elodie with excitement. Amina has a grin from ear to ear as she smiles at her daughter and thinks about the fact, that now all her children will be able to go to school and have the chance at a descent future.