Mum, I’ve gone to Africa

Angie Browne from the UK has always liked a bit of adventure. After returning from a short trip to Malaysia she applied and was accepted to volunteer on the Mercy Ship Anastasis, and as her parents were away at the time she just left them a note saying, “Hi mum and dad, I’ve gone to South Africa. See you in three months”.

On her first stint as a volunteer with Mercy Ships she worked as a cook in the galley. “I found out I don’t really like cooking “, confesses Angie “but I loved the experience”. It must be true because she is now volunteering for a third time on board the Africa Mercy.

This time round she is volunteering as a dining room team leader. It’s quite a demanding job because you have to serve more than 1,500 meals a day. Not only do they feed the 400+ crew who live on board, but also to as many as 150 local workers, who not only get payed which helps the local economy, they also get three square meals a day which keeps them fit and healthy.

Angie loves interacting with the crew and realizes that it is important that they enjoy their experience in the dining room, just as much as ensuring that the food is served fresh and hot to keep everyone happy. After all they do say that an army marches on it stomach!

More than 60% of the crew work in support areas that are not part of the hospital and all kinds of abilities are needed including IT, accounting, electricians, plumbers, and of course deck and engineering officers.

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