Nurses, nurses, nurses

Rose Kargbo studied nursing at university in the United States, after fleeing with her family from her home country of Liberia during the civil war. Her father was a doctor and her inspiration. His compassion and dedication to his patients showed Rose how to really care for the whole person and not just their medical condition.

Even during her nursing studies, something inside of Rose yearned to return to West Africa and help needy people there. While working as a nurse in California, she came across an opportunity to volunteer on the hospital ship Africa Mercy in her birth region of West Africa, and she jumped at the chance.

While volunteering as a ward nurse with Mercy Ships Rose said, “Being able to care for my own people, being able to learn about conditions I would have had no idea about in the United States is an incredible experience. Even with all the difficulties, even with the lack of healthcare and infrastructure, there is something amazing about my home, about West Africa. Whenever I’m here, I feel better, I feel more alive.”
Rose is now pursuing a masters in Global Health. She continues to volunteer with Mercy Ships and hopes one day to return to Liberia. “I want to work to improve the healthcare system there. If we really want to see things progress, it has to be done from the inside out,” she says.From all of us we want to say a big “THANK YOU” to all the nurses around the world who are making a difference in healthcare!