Straighten those legs

Up until now the only option for a cure, for kids like little Fatiya who lives in Benin, was an aggressive surgery that the vast majority of families in his home country could not afford. Now local medical staff have been trained by Mercy Ships to apply the Ponseti method, developed by Dr. Ignasi Ponsetí Vives from Mallorca, which in many cases can completely eliminate the need for surgery.
Mercy ships aims to not only provide free treatment for patients in developing nations, but also to help develop the local healthcare systems, so that long after the ship has left, the local medical staff can continue treating patients. This has certainly been the case in Benin, where before Mercy Ships ran a Ponseti training course, there was no one in the whole country, who was able to provide this treatment.
The Ponseti method consists of applying a series of casts to gently move the feet over time, back into their correct position. In many cases it completely eliminates the need for surgery and even in the cases where surgery is still needed, the required surgery is much simpler and less invasive. Now the future is much brighter for kids in Benin that suffer from this common birth defect.