Train the Trainer

“Doctors and nurses in Benin know a lot of the most complex concepts, but it is some of the very latest simple techniques, that they are not being taught. These simple things that can actually determine whether someone lives or dies,” says volunteer neonatal nurse, Lindsay McCurley.
Mercy Ships is working to change this in Benin! Collaborating with the AAGBI (Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), Mercy Ships own Medical Capacity Building (MCB) team are conducting train-the-trainer courses. These courses teach professionals how to teach their colleagues simple methods that can greatly reduce the mortality rates of mothers their babies in the operating theatres.
One of the great things about this program is that it grows exponentially! First a student takes the course, then they become a co-trainer, and then eventually they are able to teach other on their own and the cycle repeats. This way anaesthetists in Benin are learning to apply these life-saving methods through peer education.
In our most recent course six anaesthetists who had already been trained, taught 25 of their own colleagues. These 25 colleagues will go on to teach these simple methods to many others. As these cycles continues, West African medical professionals will continue to improve healthcare in their own countries.