The art of restoring health

“After surgery, I want to be able to make an entire dress.” Valerie explains with confidence. The teenager has spent the last two years as a seamstress apprentice, with many of her weekday hours devoted to the craft. She knows ever trick of the trade, but her legs, bowed into a wide arc, slow her down, preventing her from accomplishing her goals.
Valarie in rehab after getting her casts off.

Valerie’s legs became bowed after she received a Quinine injection at 4 years old. Going to the hospital due to a simple fever, left her with what she feared would be a lifetime problem. The family lost trust in health care, and had not been back to a hospital since that day. Her condition continued to worsen as she grew.

Valerie did her best keeping up with her siblings and friends as a child, but when she began training as a seamstress her condition limited her. “Now, I cannot work the sewing machine pedals,” she explains. Her dream of making a dress from start to finish, and one day opening her own shop were thwarted by her bowed legs.
When the family heard about Mercy Ships they decided to give healthcare one more shot. They would do anything to see Valerie’s dreams come true. Today Valerie has completed casting and surgery. With straight legs to support her she is eager to accomplish her goals and we look forward to seeing her completed dress!