Kabir – The blind, lame, orphan

As a young boy in Benin, West Africa Kabir had learned to survive. When Polio struck at a young age, he lost the use of his legs. However Kabir was no quitter, and even though he had to crawl around on his hands and knees, through the dirt and over rough terrain, he could still manage a smile and a laugh.
Kabir before surgeryHe found that if he put a pair of thongs over his hands it would hurt less as he crawled over the rocks and stones. He and his brother were orphaned at a young age and even though relatives helped them, they really depended on each other.

Later Kabir managed to move around on a hand-propelled cycle and managed to carve out a reasonable life with help and loving care of his brother. Then as he got to his 60’s he started to lose his sight. Finally, it was all too much for him and he lost hope.
Kabir after surgery
His brother knew that Kabir needed help and so he brought him to Mercy Ships to see if something could be done. A free cataract surgery made possible by our personal donors like you, our volunteers, and our corporate sponsors who donate the implants gave Kabir back his sight.
What is it like to see again after years of darkness? Words cannot describe it – but Kabir’s chuckle can. “I can see you! I can even see your eyes!” he exclaims, giggling like a kid. “I see everybody – the landscape, everything! I’m so happy!”