Learning from the locals in Benin

The season they call “Harmattan”, can produce flight delays, dry skin, and dust storms. Strong winds pick up dust in Africa’s dry interior and blow down into northern parts of Benin. Strangely, the dust in the atmosphere blocks out some of the sunlight and brings slightly cooler temperatures but believe me that dust gets into everything!

At the same time as spring starts to bloom in the northern hemisphere, Harmattan will end leaving clear blue skies that allow the burning African sun to reign down once again. This different season is just one of the many natural and cultural ‘firsts’ that our volunteer crew experience while working in West Africa.
Surgery team in BeninSome months ago we filled you in on some of the faqs about Benin but as time goes on our crew learn more and more about this African nation.

A favorite way for many of our volunteers to get to know a country is by interacting with the locals. Lucky for us, we get to see lots of them! Already our team has performed over 663 surgeries, 4,000 dental check-ups and worked alongside hundreds of Beninese locals, employed to help us bring hope and healing to their own nation.
Benin Dental TeamWith each surgery, check-up or patient visit comes an opportunity to connect with beautiful human beings who can teach us things about their unique nation, but also teach us some life lessons about what is truly important in life. We look forward to sharing more of their stories with you!