Burn Awareness

When Faith had her splints removed, she didn’t so much as shed a tear. A surgery to treat the deforming burn scars on her legs and feet is usually a painful process, but as soon as it was over she hopped off the table with her typical nonchalance, and was ready to speed into recovery.
Faith on the ward

An estimated 265,000 deaths (Source: WHO) are caused every year by burns. Burns are preventable, but can still happen to anyone. The majority occur in low-and middle-income countries, and is something that Mercy Ship sees often when working in Africa.

In much of the developing world, fire is a way of life. Families like Faith’s use fire to heat food and water, and see during the night. When the use of fire is so usual, people can forget to take the time for safety precautions in their daily lives, or just do not have the money to buy what is needed to make things safe.
Faith gives a thumbs up!

Burns cannot always be prevented, and we are happy that children like Faith can be helped through surgery after such an unfortunate accident. Faiths recovery is a good reminder to practice burn awareness. You may not be faced with fire during your daily life, but there are still many things you can do to keep our family and friends safe from burns.
Going over ways to prevent burns, fire safety tips and emergency strategies can save lives. Let little Faith be a reminder of the importance of Burn Awareness!