The google eyed girl

What defines you? We all have characteristics that join together to make us the unique person we are. What are you known for? Your long hair? Your big smile that brightens other people’s day? Your friendliness or fun loving attitude? Sometimes there are characteristics we would rather not be known for.
Mary after surgery

Young Mary has been defined by a tumor that has swollen half of her face and enlarged one of her eyes. Throughout her short 14 years, people have called her ‘Big Eye’ because that is the first thing they see when looking at her She doesn’t like being defined by an eye that she can barely see out of.
Mary onboard the Africa Mercy

Her parents have searched for a cure for many years but every doctor they consulted told them the same thing. That it was impossible to operate. The situation seemed hopeless, but Mary’s parents wanted to help their daughter and kept searching for an answer, until they finally came across Mercy Ships.

After examination the doctors decided that shy little Mary could in fact be operated on, and would finally be rid of the tumor that she had lived with her whole life. Now finally after receiving a free surgery Mary can look people in the eye, and have them see her for who she really is, instead of them seeing a girl with a twisted face.

Mary with a crew memberThe ship’s crew has enjoyed getting to know this initially very shy teenager, who has slowly come out of her shell, and now exhibits a beaming smile and a passion for art! We trust that Mary will now enjoy a bright future as she learns that she is valuable and no longer needs to be defined by the way she looks.