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Many of our patients stay at our HOPE Center (low dependency accommodation) to recover from surgery. There volunteer dietitians instruct the local chefs on how to prepare healthy nutritious meals, an important factor for a speedy recovery from surgery, and for teaching locals how to avoid many diseases by eating healthily.
Picking cabbage for the AFM crew

It’s not just the surgeries that make Mercy Ships unique, it’s also the lasting impact of education and training. In Benin a recent study showed that 33.6 percent of households are food insecure. Additionally, 16% of all children in Benin suffer from acute malnutrition and 44% of children under five suffer from chronic malnutrition.

Mercy Ships has a variety of programs encouraging good nutrition including the Food for Life program which improves general health through teaching sustainable agriculture, nutrition, and animal husbandry. Participants discover significantly improved methods of food production.

The African way of carrying crops

They learn how to rebuild, restore, and renew their lives, land, communities and nations teaching other locals ecological, organic agriculture, which also improves household income allow families to pay for their kid’s educations and medicines when needed. It is our hope that through these programs we can help to reduce malnutrition in Benin.