An amazing year

An amazing year1) Our Volunteer crew donated blood

During the 10 month in Madagascar crew donated 171 units of blood to patients! These units of blood were processed in our on-board laboratory before being taken to the operating theatre, where they were given to patients who needed them during surgery. We are thankful for our crew for a lot of reasons, but their willingness to help all of our patients by donating blood is certainly one of them!

Read a story here >>>
2) Transformed Faces

Patients like Isabella were among the 724 that were provided with a free Maxillofacial surgery in Madagascar. Read her story here >>>

3) Health through ecological agriculture training!

Mercy Ships takes an all-encompassing approach to health care and includes ecological sound agriculture training local educators how to teach others about nutrition, environmentally friendly farming, and aquaponics. These educators then return to their communities and teach thousands of others. Read more >>>

4) Women’s health restored

Women are often the ones who suffer in silence in developing nations. We love celebrating the new start in life that is provided for the ladies in our women’s health program. In Madagascar 339 Obstetric Fistula Surgeries were performed. Read more here >>>

The Africa Mercy

5) Mercy Ships leaves Madagascar with new HOPE!

Our generous donors have helped us provide 1,696 surgeries, 32,458 dental procedures, and 6,486 medical consultations in Madagascar! Want to become regular donor click here…

Although Mercy Ships has left Madagascar, today the HOPE center continues to providing a safe and effective environment for the local medical staff to treat patients and will continue to provide hope and healing for the local people for many years to come. Read more >>>

6) Volunteers gave time and talent!

The over 1,000 volunteers that served on the Africa Mercy this year gave so much to help desperately needy people in Africa. They left their homes in over 60 different countries, to volunteer on a hospital ship in Africa. Without our volunteers, we couldn’t do what we do. For all who have volunteered in 2016, Thank You! Read one volunteers story here…

7) Mercy Ships arrived in Benin

On August 18th the Africa Mercy and her crew reached what they are now calling “home” for 10 months – the West African country of Benin. The 16,572 tonne floating hospital ship sailed into the port of Cotonou. Why Benin? Studies show that there are only 10 hospital beds and 1 physician for every 20,000 people. Read more… >>>