A single mother’s nightmare

After loosing a son and brother, nothing could prepare mum Charlotte and 6-year-old daughter Elina for another tragedy. While Elina visited her Aunt to attend a festival, what was suppose to be a joyous weekend turned into yet another tragedy. She was burned in a fire affecting her right side, contracting her neck and pulling her head down in the direction of her right elbow.

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How Plastic Surgery Saves Lives

According to WHO, an estimated 265,000 deaths each year are caused by burns, the vast majority occur in low- and middle-income countries. In Madagascar 85% of people live without access to electricity, meaning that cooking with open flame is a way of life. Of course, when more people must utilize open fires the potential risk for injury, or even death rises. People, very often children, can be severely burned in accidents involving these fires, resulting in scarring that reduces mobility. Many cases of severe burns require skin transplants to release burn contractures and restore range of motion.

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5 Ways Mercy Ships Helps Empower Women

This Tuesday, March 8th, is International Women’s Day and people from around the world are coming together to pledge for parity with the goal of helping women and girls achieve their ambitions. At Mercy Ships we are working hard to empower women!

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