LuWanna loves community living

Not long after hearing a complete stranger talk about Mercy Ships on a flight in 2012, LuWanna Airheart went to volunteer herself for a short time on the Africa Mercy in Guinea in 2012, and the Republic of Congo in 2013. After that she realized the ship had touched a special place in her heart.
LuWanna Airheart (USA)

“I loved the community aspect. I loved the people that have come to help. There is a commonality. People are working at a level of excellence that I admire and respect. There is a common theme of compassion and wanting to help others and that is contagious. I just love locking arms with people that are going to give their best to help others”.

Mercy Ships volunteers

LuWanna was invited back to work longer term on the Africa Mercy in 2014 as a Chaplain. Like many of the volunteers she feels that being in that environment is something special as she uses her talents both on board and in the local villages. The close sense of community on board and the connection with the African culture has been a great gift!

The Africa Mercy
“I come from an area where people are very well off. To come to a continent, to a country where there are so many who live with so little of what we often take for granted, it’s been very sobering. I have learned a lot about life in general being in Africa.”