They come from afar

Mercy Ships works hard to provide access to essential surgeries for people no matter where they live in a developing nation and conducts patient screenings in some of each nation’s most remote locations. Nate, from the U.S. city of Chicago, has been working for some time with the screening team, and after gaining experience as a team member, he has now taken on the role of Screening Team Coordinator in Benin.
Nate taking patients history

Nate joined the screening team full-time in 2015, travelling to 11 cities scattered around Madagascar. The countryside there was rough, and many of the regions were remote and inaccessible. “We had an amazing partnership with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) who flew us into some of the most remote areas,” Nate explains. “In Madagascar we went all around the country and saw how far away it is for people to travel, and the conditions they live in. Seeing them finally on the ward getting a free surgery is my favourite part of the job”

Nate with his translator
Passionate about his mission, Nate says “The Africa Mercy is a very exciting place to live – surrounded by the work, and meeting very interesting people from all over the world. There are very few other environments like this.”