Giggling her way through Rehab

For many, Physical Therapy is an essential part of the healing process after Surgery. When we first met Elina she was a sweet little girl, who had been tragically burned, but kept her sweet smiling face both before and after Mercy Ships provided her with a free surgery. It was clear that post surgery, she would need to spend time rehabilitating.
Elina physical therapy

Elina spent many nights with her mother at the HOPE center both preparing for her surgery and attending physical therapy then after. Since she stayed in the hope center, for several weeks, it was easy to check up Elina and monitor her progress post surgery.

When you walked down the hall, toward Elina’s session, something seemed very strange. Laughter filled the air. Upon opening the room, the sight of Elina blowing through a straw into a tub and creating a huge mound of soapy bubbles, was not only adorable, but a little bit peculiar. With her trademark big smile it was clear she was having a blast! But what on earth was going on?

The Physical Therapist explained that what they were doing was actually a part of the therapy session! Elina was working on enhancing her lung capacity by blowing furiously into the straw, and easily was able to forget about this challenging task as bubbles suds up in front of her.

The Physical Therapy team is not only well trained medically, but they also use their creative side regularly to prepare games and activities that make physical therapy sessions not only effective but fun! With this approach it’s easy for patients to forget about the discomforts, in what they may be doing, and have some fun during the healing process!