A Poet shows beauty inside and out

During the Africa Mercy’s stay in Madagascar the Mercy Ship team performed 724 Maxillofacial surgeries. Vololonirina was one of the patients that received a free surgery for the tumor that was growing in the left side of her face. The first time the Mercy Ship team met Vololonirina she was wrapped in a gorgeous scarf and giggled every time they complimented it. Not long after that meeting, Vololonirina had maxillofacial surgery to remove the tumor.

Vololonirina - MadagascarAfter her tumor was removed, Vololonirina graced the ships outpatient clinic with her beautiful blue shawl and sweet smile several times. As the team continued to carefully monitor her post-surgery health, and her outer appearance steadily improved, she brought a special gift to the crew, a poem she had written.

To the Crews delight Vololonirina an author, poet and devout Christian, shared with them her poem about how she was thankful for her outward restoration.The poem she brought was both inspirational and showed her inner beauty. Today Vololonirina has made a full recovery and has a beautiful face that matches her poetic soul, beautiful smile and stunning scarves!

Poem Vololonirina

Vololonirina’s Poem
‘To convince people (that God is good)’

By the grace of God I’m what I am
That’s why I’m happy and my soul is blessed
I cannot keep my happiness in my heart
So I’m writing this poem to thank our lord and to convince people.

My friend! I cheer you up!
Give your life to God
Because he has created every thing
He is our beginning and will our end
So give him your life, don’t hesitate

Take his promises for you
And keep it with faith
Whatever will happen in this world
He is the solution for all problems