A volunteer with Maritime Muscles

A floating hospital ship like the Africa Mercy requires a boat-load of highly skilled professionals to operate smoothly. In addition to around 150 medical volunteers, the ship’s crew has over 250 volunteers who work in other areas, includes a variety of essential maritime roles.

The ship’s crew, that comes from around 45 different nations, also includes West Africans like Richard Awagah from Ghana who volunteer to help their own people. As part of the deck department Richard is always hard at work making sure the ship is running smoothly.

Deck department
And it’s not just securing the mooring lines when the ship arrives, it’s also making sure essential services are kept running. To keep the lights on, provide safe drinking water, feed the crew and even keep the ship clean requires all kinds of skills. There are jobs available for an array of unique talents.

Without the Deck and Engineering teams, and many other, keeping everything running, the hospital could not do its lifesaving work. They may not be in the limelight, as they work hard behind the scenes, but what these volunteers do is truly remarkable.

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