Robbed of good Health

Serafine knew she could never afford to pay for her goiter to be removed removed. Living off next to $1 a day, by farming her families’ land, left no money to afford a surgery, however, as 4 decades passed by she never lost hope that one day she would be cured.

“Prayer was my last hope; asking help from God”, said Serafine. So when one of her children heard about goiter surgeries being performed for free, she felt her prayers had been answered!

Serafine goiter
Serafine had her goiter removed on the Africa Mercy. When she woke up, she instantly brought her hands to her neck, to find that they no longer made contact in the same place. The giant growth was gone and her neck had been restored after 34 long years.

When the 54 year old returned to her village she was no longer called the ‘Woman with the big neck’ but local villages marveled at the almost unrecognizable ‘youthful looking lady.’ Serafine was happy to take on the new nickname alongside her restored health.

Sefarine after surgery

In Madagascar 2,581 patients received free surgeries to restore their health, and that doesn’t include many more who will continue to be cured for years to come, by the local surgeons that have been trained. Even as the Africa Mercy docks in Benin the screening team is already busy evaluating goiter patients to restore health and hope to patients like Serafine.