Turn your retirement into an adventure

Thanks to medical technology people are living longer and with great health! This means that the idea of retirement is turning into opportunity. David Conboy discovered this first hand coincidently.

David Conboy Web1

This pharmacist loved his job and had no intention to retire, but when he heard of the opportunity to volunteer, in his field, with Mercy Ships, he knew he couldn’t pass it up. Initially David intended to take a career break but this turned into retirement and he couldn’t be happier.

“I asked my employer for two months off and they couldn’t make it work so I decided to resign. I served in Guinea from February to the end of the field service. I came back and decided to take the summer off and I would look for a job in September. But in September I got an email from Mercy Ships asking if I could come to the Congo from October to December – so I went. From that point I basically stayed retired.”

Now, David spends his retirement doing what he loves. As he helps others he also benefits from the experience with a great international community, to volunteer with, and a stronger appreciation for what he has.

David Conboy (USA) Pharmacist

“I’ve done other medical missions to Haiti, Guatemala, Costa Rica and this is more of a community and where else can you find 30 plus cultures coming together. I know I’m making difference. If you want to give and help people this is one of the best organizations out there.”

David adds, “It’s the hardest job I’ve ever loved that I didn’t get paid for. We make a difference from agriculture to medical care.”

So, what will you do with your retirement? Maybe you will follow in Davids footsteps and an opportunity to make a difference by volunteering with Mercy Ships could become your next adventure…