Restoration brings a Permanent Place to Provide

Once the ship leaves Madagascar, all is not forgotten.
Part of Mercy Ships’ approach to bringing hope and healing to the nations is to leave a legacy that will remain. This is done by carefully arranged projects that vary from simple one-day programs, for local health professions, to intensive hands-on training, like the sessions that Tam Lowe, leads for local nurses in the Women’s Health Team program.

Connected to the training and mentorship are projects that help the needs of the local medical community. One of these projects is the renovation of the operating room block at Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Toamasina (CHUT).

theatre Toamasina old
Beginning in September 2015, the renovation project took place steadily for 3 months with great success. The OR block was left in poor condition due to lack of maintenance and the harsh coastal weather of Toamasina.

Renovation included:

• Repairs to the existing walls
• Wall and floor tiling
• Plumbing and electrical services
• Fire detection system
• Replacement roof sheeting
• Doors and window frames
• Ventilation and air-conditioning system
• Internal and external painting
• Medical gas system

Local hospital Toamasina

Thanks to the dedicated work of both Mercy Ship volunteers and locals, that were employed to make this project possible, the work was completed in December 2015. Today CHUT has a facility that can continue to provide surgical care for it’s community. And more importantly matches the up skilling that the local medical staff received during their training projects!

theatre Toamasina new