Education Improves Women’s Health

Mercy Ships is committed to improving women’s health outcomes around the globe. Recently we shared stories about Gisele and Tsima, two women that have been treated for Obstetric Fistulas by our Women’s Health team.

Mercy Ships takes the hospital to the women in need, seeks them out and provides surgeries, free of charge. Not only that, but the Women’s health team trains, renovates and develops local infrastructure to leave behind a lasting impact to help more women in these nations.

Gisele and Tsima VVF

A huge part of the success, of the Women’s Health team, has been our committed volunteers like Tam! Australian native, Tam Lowe is the leader of the Women’s Health Team program. A major part of her job is training local nurses, and one of the aspects she enjoys the most.

“They’ve learned a whole new range of skills we take for granted. It’s beautiful to see them grow in nursing.” Tam states as she reflects on the improvement she has observed after working with local nurses for several months.

Nurse Tam Aus

Thanks to volunteers like Tam, Mercy Ships can help women in need, and also give proper training to Medical Professionals in developing countries, so that they can continue to treat patients once the ship moves on.

With continued education Mercy Ships is working to help put an end to Obstetric Fistulas and this joy is something that makes Tam love what her and her team does! “I can’t describe how it makes me feel but you’re changing someone else’s life for a great future they can have now. It’s such a miracle to see some of the healing that happens.”