Happy Mother’s Day

In the dictionary a mother is defined as:

“A woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth.”

While this simplistic description is true it doesn’t let us understand the magnitude of the bond between a mother and child. We are partial to another description of by Madame Niore:

“A mother is one that loves unconditionally, leads by example, and puts others before herself (biological or not). A good mother could never be called second rate.” –Madame Niore

dia de la madre

On Mothers Day we are thankful for all the mothers in this world! Women that come in many shapes and sizes, have an array of different personalities but all wholehearted care for the children they love.

At Mercy Ships we meet a lot of wonderful Mums and see first hand how deep their relationship is with their children. These caretakers will do anything to see their children happy and healthy. Often times this means giving up what little they have for their child, not only in possessions but also emotionally.

Do you remember the story of sweet little Santa who suffered from burns? Her mother was so distraught about the accident that she blamed herself for her child’s illness and suffered emotionally.

dia de la madre Santa

Mercy Ships takes a holistic approach to healing and offers love and support during the recovery process, not only to the patient but often to their caretakers as well. We understand that emotional care can be just as important as physical treatment. The patients’ caretaker, outside the ship is an essential part of the recovery process. This is just one of the many reasons why these individuals are so important and must make sure to maintain their own health during these stressful times.

So to all the mums, we wish you a very happy Mothers Day and thank you for both your physical and emotional care! Make sure to relax on this very special holiday, as you deserve it, and it is essential for your health!