15 years on board

Comfort Yeboah (GHA) Dental Education/Counselor

Since 1990 Comfort had been working in her home country of Ghana as a high school principal and at the same time taking care of their 5 children. She did this so her husband Ebenezer could volunteer for a few months at a time on the Mercy Ships vessels. It was a difficult time for Comfort but she felt that it was a way of helping needy people in Africa. Eleven years later they finally decided that it was time to move the whole family on board a Mercy Ship so that they could all be together. Ebenezer worked in the engine room and their two oldest children also volunteered on board.

Comfort YEBOAH (SLE), Dental Clinic Educator

Comfort’s first job was to take care of their remaining three children, but during the day while they attended the on board school that takes care of crew members children right from kindergarten through to the last year of high school, Comfort was able to work in other areas. She worked in places like the galley and in the cafe on board, and for the last few years has been a counselor and health educator at the on-shore dental clinic run by the ship’s dental team. Comfort says; “We help very needy people regardless of their race or religion. We provide all kinds of much needed help completely free of charge, thanks to the generosity of the faithful donors that give so Mercy Ships can keep operating”.