Her only chance went up in flames

When a fire in their house destroyed the surgical appointment card that Neny believed was the last hope for her two-year-old daughter, to have the hole in her upper lip repaired, she was distraught. When Somaya was born with a cleft lip Neny’s husband abandoned them saying that no child of his would be born like that.

Somaya before cleft lip surgery

Earning less than a euro a day there was no way that Neny could ever afford to pay for the surgery to repair it at the local hospital which would cost more than six months wages. When Neny was given an appointment card for a free surgery by the medical team from the Africa Mercy she felt like she had won the lottery! Then just two days before the surgery their house burnt down and the appointment card was destroyed. Neny was beside herself.

When Somaya did not arrive at the ship the hospital team tried to contact them without success. Neny went from having found a solution to her biggest problem, to being left with nothing, and what’s more she lost hope. The chance for her daughter to have a normal life had passed, or so she thought! Just when everything seemed hopeless she heard that there could be just one more chance.

Somaya after cleft lip surgery

That very same hospital ship was going to return for another year and Neny took her daughter once again to be seen by the doctors and once again she received an appointment card. This time Neny wasn’t going to let anything stop her little one from having the surgery she needed. For Neny it was like she had won the lottery twice and finally her daughter received her surgery. Now Somany is on the road to full recovery and for Neny that is nothing short of miraculous!