From translation to medicine


Emmanuel always wanted to be a doctor but like many in his native Benin he had no way of getting a university education. In 2009 his mother pushed him to apply for a job translating during the visit of the hospital ship Africa Mercy. As he worked in the dental clinic during the Benin visit and also the following year in neighbouring Togo he became frustrated with some of the dental equipment that was giving them problems and asked permission to take the manuals home to study them in the evenings.

He soon found what was causing the problems and made the necessary changes to fix them. Dr. Tvedt the head of the dental team saw how gifted Emmanuel was and introduced him to Tony the ship’s head biomedical technician. He was fascinated by the work carried out by Tony and his team and set about learning all he could from them.


Finally in 2013 Emmanuel became a crewmember working with Tony as a biomedical technician. He is a very conscientious worker as they inspect, maintain and repair all the medical equipment both inside and outside of the operating theatres. “I love what I do”, Emmanuel says “It’s a big reasonability and also a privilege to support the medical team in this way. I’m very happy that my mum pushed me to do this”. (And we are too!)