Santa goes to school

In Abril we told the story of little 3-year-old Santa who was terribly burnt in a domestic accident in her native Madagascar, when she fell on an open fire where her mother was cooking a meal. She was left badly disfigured and the faced the prospect of being an outcast in Malagasy society. Now Santa is like different child and has been able to realise her single biggest wish of being able to attend school. Look at how her eyes light up as she gets ready to leave each morning for school. If you don’t remember her story then: Click here.


Sometimes we think of Africa as a distant and even surreal place, but the children in Madagascar are just normal kids like our sons, daughters, nephews, nieces and grandchildren. They love dreaming of being princesses or superheroes just like our kids and they need an education to get on in life just like ours do. Santa’s life has been turned around and she now has a bright future, and that’s all thanks to YOU our generous donors!

Santa va al cole