The super anaesthetist

The work of an anaesthesiologist can be stressful and plain out tiring, especially when you volunteer on a hospital ship that often carries out surgeries that last for hours on end, during which you must ensure the patient stays peacefully asleep whilst maintaining stable vital signs. Well for our super anaesthetist Michelle that’s not enough, she is also deputy chief medical officer, medical training director and researcher extraordinaire!


She first heard about Mercy Ships in 1990 but it was not till 2005 that she got her first opportunity to volunteer on a hospital ship. After that she was hooked and in 2012 finally moved on board indefinitely. How does she do it you ask? We sometimes ask the same question, but Michelle has a burning desire to see healthcare develop in Africa.


Michelle has spent the last 3 years investigating healthcare in Africa, collecting statistics, studying the latest research from the world’s best health investigators and designing programs that can really make a difference in healthcare in Africa. She is especially passionate about developing pediatric anesthesiology, general anesthetics, and safe surgical practices. Her real desire is to one day see pediatric surgery throughout Africa being performed safely with the assistance of properly trained and equipped teams. We hope her dream comes true!