A Norwegian Optician in Africa


Now for the third time Therese Lovund from Alesund in Norway has travelled almost 10,000km to Africa searching for blind people that can be cured. In her native Norway she works as an optician, but in Africa one of the jobs she does is to screen thousands of patients to find the blind adults and children who might be able to see again, with the help of a 10-15 minute cataract surgery.


Tears well up in Therese’s eyes when she is asked what leaves the biggest impression on her. She says on the positive side there is all the blind people who not only receive their sight but also find new hope. On the negative side it’s the blind people she sees who can’t be helped perhaps because they need a corneal transplant which they can’t provide. Therese comments, “You have to focus on the good we are able to do, on the blind who can now see again, and that’s what makes it all worthwhile”.