A little child in danger

I can’t imagine how helpless a mother of 3 small children in a developing nation must feel when just putting food on the table is a struggle and has no hope of ever getting enough money to pay for a simple hernia surgery that her 8 year old boy desperately needs.

The mother of little Cardo from Toliara in Madagascar found herself in this situation. Her little boy lived like a recluse, unable to go to school and unable to go out and play with his friends, because of the constant pain every time he made a sudden move. But that was until one day she hear some exciting news on the radio.


She could not believe her ears when they announced that a medical team from Mercy Ships was coming to their village to screen patients for free surgeries on board the hospital ship Africa Mercy docked in Toamasina. After hours of waiting in line, Cardo was examined by the medical team and given an appointment card for a free surgery onboard the Africa Mercy. His mum was ecstatic!

Funnily enough Cardo was not at all afraid of the doctors like most kids are at first and everyone around was quite amused at the way, when his mum told him to show the doctor his hernia, he marched right over and pulled down his pants to show the doctor exactly what the problem was. It was like he was just desperate to get it fixed.

A few days after his surgery the expression on Cardo’s face started to change and he began to smile, play, laugh and generally get into all the kinds of mischief that a normal child of eight might get into. His uncle Ernest, who travelled with him to the ship so his mum could stay at home and take care of her other 2 smaller kids, was so happy and relieved to finally see his nephew run around and ride on the little red car they had at the hostel where patients complete their recovery.


But the best thanks you could ever hope for, was the contagious smile that now appeared on the face of this very cute little 8 year old who would soon be able to go to school and look forward to a much brighter future!