It’s a miracle Minette is alive with a 4.3kg tumour of this type

After more than 15 years as an outcast and bearing the physical pain of carrying a 4.3kg (9lbs) neurofibroma that extended from the back of her neck down to her waist 21 year old Minette has experienced what for her is a miracle for the 2nd time in her life.


The first was that she actually survived this long with a neurofibroma of this magnitude which should have killed her long ago.

The second miracle we know how to explain, but for Minette that doesn’t make it any less of a miracle! In her native Madagascar there was no way she could get help for her condition. The only hope would be to fly to a developed nation to a modern hospital with all the facilities. But that is a privilege reserved for the very wealthy and, like for most of her fellow countrymen, an impossibility for Minette.

But instead of her travelling thousands of miles to get help, that modern hospital came right to her doorstep, in the form of a hospital ship with more than 400 volunteer crew on board, with the capacity to help thousands of patients just like her. After the surgery to remove the source of her physical and emotional pain Minette began to change. The sadness we saw in her eyes was replaced with hope and the downcast face was converted into a happy smiling, giggling 21 year old who started lifting the spirits of everyone around her.

Now she has been discharged from the hospital but will stay for some weeks in the hostel where patients stay before they are admitted or when they are discharged waiting to travel home, while she waits for the somewhat smaller neurofibroma on her father’s arm to be removed. However the staff at the hostel say she is welcome to stay as long as she likes, because her new lease on life helps lift the spirits of everyone around her. Thank you for helping us to take hope and healing to needy people like Minette!