I’m only 4 but people are really mean to me

Four year old Priscilla from Madagascar needs a surgical procedure called an osteotomy on both her legs. The problem is that her mother Llanariana works very hard but only makes $2 a day, which is quite normal where they live, and there is no hope that she could ever save enough money to pay for the surgery. All she can do is pray for a miracle.

For Llanariana it is heartbreaking when she sees the other kids refuse to play with Priscilla and send her away. Even the other adults are mean to Priscilla and they tell her to go away. The problem is they think that her severely bowed legs, which are a common birth defect, are caused by an evil spirit. Even the adults think that if they touch Priscilla that same evil spirit might do something bad to them.

One day Llanariana was listening to the radio when she heard and announcement that a hospital ship was coming to Tamatave (the town they live in). It would be there for months and would provide thousands of free surgeries. She almost couldn’t believe her ears. Could it really be the miracle she was praying for?

The first day that a patient screening was held in Tamatave by the ships medical team, Llanariana and Priscilla arrived very early in the morning, so they could be near the front of the line. A few hours later Priscilla had an appointment card for the surgery she needed on her legs. Llanariana was jumping with joy. The miracle has happened, she could hardly believe that her daughter was finally going to get her legs straightened and have the chance of a normal life like other kids!

Priscilla has now had her surgery and will spend between 2 and 4 months in casts so that her legs set straight. After that she will still have another couple of months of rehabilitation to get her legs working like they should. But the day Priscilla and her mum left the ship after her surgery they were all smiles! Here is a short 15 second video of Priscilla saying thank you in her usual shy but gorgeous way!