The only one in the whole country

Sophisticated pieces of medical diagnostic equipment like CAT (Computer Assisted Tomography) scanners are usually very expensive, but essential for safe surgery on some of the more complicated cases we encounter on our hospital ship the Africa Mercy.

Thankfully due to the diligent work of our staff in offices around the world combined with help from our partners we are able to provide first class healthcare at a fraction of the cost

To give you an example a couple of years ago we needed to replace our aging and sometimes cantankerous CAT scan machine on the Africa Mercy. A refurbished, almost brand new, General Electric device was supplied at a tremendously discounted price by a specialised company in the United States. The cost of the machine and its transport to Spain was paid for by some generous donors in Belgium. Then a small, but very international team of volunteers, travelled to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to remove the old machine, weighing several tonnes, and replace it with the new machine.


Another good example is that our surgeons need to know if a tumour they might want to remove from a patient is cancerous or not. Normally this requires removing a small piece of the tumour and sending it to a pathologist in a specialised laboratory who can diagnose the type of tumour it is. But what do we do when the nearest suitable lab is thousands of kilometres away?

That’s where our Nikon Coolscope comes into play. Our surgeons remove a very small piece of the tumour which is then dissected by our lab on board technician and placed on a microscope slide and fed into the Coolscope. The device then digitalizes the image of that biopsy which is then transmitted via satellite to a specialized pathology lab in Bristol, England which partners with us by providing us with a diagnosis of the tumour often within 30 minutes!


These just 2 examples of how working together we can provide first class medical treatment to needy people in developing nations. So to everyone who help us in whatever way it may be we want to say; THANKS!!!