Sweet little Sandrins

Most little girls dream of growing up to become a princess or have a family of their own. But for 8 years old Sandrins her dream is to be able to go to school just like her twin sister. She doesn’t have an evil step-mother who makes her stay home and do the chores or anything like that, in fact her mum would love to see her go off to school every day just like her sister and have a chance of a better life!

The problem is that Sandrins has a disability and in Madagascar where she lives that means that life does not have a lot to offer her. When she was 3 she had Malaria and was given a quinine injection but something went terribly wrong. We don’t know if she had a reaction to the quinine or if the needle was not cleaned properly but the result was a twisted foot and ankle that restricts her to walking only short distances.


Where she lives there are no school buses, no wheelchairs, no social services, nothing that can help her and her family could never afford to pay for the surgery to fix her foot. So she just sits at home and helps her mum to the best she can.

That is until one day when her mum heard about a hospital ship filled with volunteers that had come to help kids like Sandrins. After the ships orthopaedic team had examined her foot and declared that they would be able to straighten her foot her mum signed a big sigh of relief. He daughter would have a chance of a future just like her sister!

Sandrins has just had her surgery a few weeks ago and is now doing rehabilitation to help her learn to walk on her newly straightened foot. We wish we could be there to see her beautiful eyes light up and a smile stretch from ear to ear across her pretty little face on the day when she is finally able to reach her dream of going to school just like all the other kids her age!