Return to Madagascar

Madagascar is an island country off the east coast of southern Africa with a land area almost the same size as the entire Iberian Peninsula. More than 50% of its 22 million population live below the poverty line. There is only 1 doctor per 6,000 people and 1 hospital bed for every 5,000 people.

If you’re not sure how to compare those types of figures, in Spain for example there is 1 hospital bed for every 312 people and 1 doctor for every 250. This island country is well known for its beautiful jungles but we need you to help us spread the word about just how much they need our help.

Our hospital ship is currently en route from the Canary Islands and with a stopover in Cape Town to carry out some extra maintenance on the ships propulsion system it should arrive in Madagascar in late October.

During the 8 months the ship is there it will provide thousands of free surgeries and through training and infrastructure development help the Madagascan government improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare that they provide.

To make all this happen we need your help! We need you to tell others about the great need in Madagascar and what the Africa Mercy will be doing to help during the coming 8 months. And if you’re not already a regular donor, please sign up right now, to give whatever amount you can afford. Even 10€ a month can make a big difference!