New ship on the horizon

As early as 2018 we could see the newest Mercy Ship sailing the seas, bringing hope and healing to some of the world neediest people. Working in developing nations to improve the quality of locally available healthcare by training local medical personal and carrying out projects to improve hospital infrastructure; Mercy Ships works hand in hand with the Ministry of Health in each country.

At the same time many people with urgent surgical needs who do not have time to wait for their local healthcare system to improve are helped by the free surgeries provided on board. The trouble is that there is just so much to be done, and so many nations crying out for help, that we must increase the number of ships to meet more of that need.

The new 37,000 GRT (Gross Register Tonnage) ship, which is yet to be named, will be the largest non-government hospital ship in the world. The contract to complete the final design has been awarded to Finnish company DeltaMarin and the construction of the vessel will be supervised by the Swedish company Stena RoRo, a company with extensive experience in building their own ships. The initial designs have been based on part of their existing fleet.

nueva nave

Facts a figures at a glance (initial design subject to change):

Length: 174,10 m

Breadth: 28,6 m

Draft: 6,15 m

Gross tonnage: 37,000

Deadweight: 4,500 ton

Cabins: 277

Crew beds: 641

Operating Theatres: 6

Hospital beds: 154