Eddy and I are blind and we need your help

Hi my name is Dreige and this is my friend Eddy! We are both 14. We live in Congo, a developing nation in Central Africa. When I say live well, it’s not much of a living when you are blind. In our country there is very little that blind people can do.

We can’t study or work, or even run around and play football or climb trees. We have no hope of ever getting the surgery we have heard could cure our blindness because our mums just can’t afford it.

My dad left us when I was a baby. I wasn’t old enough to understand what was happening but years later I overheard my mum tell someone that he said he didn’t want to have anything to do with this “flawed” child. But my mum never stopped loving me and just like Eddy’s mum she kept searching for a way to cure my blindness.

One day she took me to a big white ship docked in the port and there on the dock, while I was waiting to be seen by the doctors, I meet Eddy. You can’t say we meet face to face because we couldn’t see each other, for that we would have to wait a couple of more days, but to us it didn’t matter and we hit it off right away.

They explained to me that I was going to have a surgery, that it would only take 20 minutes, but I would have to keep very, very still. I would do anything if I thought it might allow me to see. It was quite a weird sensation the next day, while they were working on my eye I lay there as still as I possibly could, noticing the strange sounds and smells all around me, yet the surgery itself didn’t hurt at all.

The next day Eddy and I were together when they took off our patches. We were just amazed when we could see each other for the very first time. My mum was crying too but I didn’t care. I just loved seeing her face! From that day on Eddy and I were inseparable.

Some weeks have already gone by now, but we can’t stop gazing at all the stuff around us. We look up at the clouds and the birds in the sky or at the people and cars passing by because to us it’s all amazing. When I am at home and Eddy’s not around I often call out to my mum to come and look at a bug or something else I discover. She tries her best to be enthusiastic about it even though for her it’s nothing new.

Now both Eddy and I are going to school and Eddy’s mum is paying someone to help him catch up to the other kids with his reading & writing. Eddy has even joined a soccer team but I just love kicking the ball around and chasing the other kids from my village.

I want to say thanks to all the people who have given generously so I could see again, but I would also like to ask on behalf of the other 11,999,998 blind kids in the world who still need help, please give even more generously if you can so that more kids can have decent life like I do now!

Many thanks,