3 month old fighting for her life!

In the first 3 months of Moami’s life the Cervical Tetratoma she was born with grew to the same size as her head. She was destined to either die of starvation as it stopped her eating properly, or it would soon obstruct her windpipe and suffocate her.

The doctors at the local hospital did not have the facilities or the training to operate on her and so they send Moami home to her village to die, but her mother Perlagie had a dream in which she saw a person who told her to pray and help would come. When she arrived home to her village her sister-in-law told her about the hospital ship that had cured her eyes for free.


They travelled down to Pointe-Noire where the ship was docked and after the doctors examined her Moami they put her on the special infant feeding program to help her gain enough strength to withstand the surgery. It took a whole month to get her strong enough.

It took 6 hours of surgery to remove the 375g tumour (equal to 15% of her body weight) and then another month recovering in the on board hospital until she was strong enough to go home. During that time the nurses taught Perlagie to feed her daughter through a special feeding tube. At first she was afraid she would do something wrong but with patient encouragement from the nurses she soon got the hang of it.


During this time a wonderful transformation occurred. Before the tumour was removed Moami was an outcast in her village, where no one would touch her for fear of being “contaminated”. As her weight improved and she gained strength she became much more responsive just like other babies her age. When she finally returned to her village she was finally accepted and loved by the community just like any other child!.