Training, training, training!

There is a lot of training done with local surgeons and nurses but there are other courses as well like biomedical technician training.

Often the medical equipment in local hospitals in Africa is a bit dated, but would still be perfectly good to use, if it wasn’t for the fact that the equipment had broken down and no one knew how to fix it. There just aren’t any local service centres for this type of equipment and spare parts are not readily available. If the local staff had the know-how, they could often just fix it themselves.

Crew from the ship teach local technicians how to keep the medical equipment they in the local hospitals in tip-top working order. Without that equipment many times the surgeons would not be able to operate, so the technicians work is a vital link in the chain to keep local hospitals functioning.

In the Congo the government specifically asked for an extra emphasis on training and so that is exactly what is being provided, more training than even before, of local staff who can then carry on helping people long after the ship has left!